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THC Pro fem

Manufactured by: BigHeadSeeds

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THC Pro is a very special reworked Chronic which was combined with a selectively bred of Northern lights, complementing the N.L lineage within the Chronic harmoniously. This one has no troubles with stress, pests, mold and can be grown realy easy, so it is also a recommended strain for the beginner and outdoorgrower. Smelling fantastic with high medicinal power...THC Pro is a great one you will ever forget.

Big Head collected over the last twenty years the best genetics from all around the world to breed the finest quality cannabisseeds possible. All their plants are the culmination of much research and exploration. Big Head offers nice strains like Bubblehead #13, Headstone, Heavy Head and other highquality hybrids which are all very easy to grow, so recommended for all gardeners.

  • Model: BHS9FEM
  • Manufactured by: BigHeadSeeds

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Sour Sundae
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