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Grape Gorilla

     Manufactured by: Artizen

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Grape Gorilla (Afghani X Mendocino Purps X Skunk #1) is 65% Indica and grows very dense, she offers very beautiful lime green and purple hues and is extremely easy to grow, so certainly an excellent choice for novice growers. With the strong grape aroma of Mendocino Purps, the intense smell of Afghani and the pungent scent of Skunk #1, Grape Ape is ready when you want to relax. Grape Gorilla smells like a mix of grapes, plums with light nuances of sandalwood and sweet ginger. It is best suited for indoor gardens, for greenhouses and for balconies and terraces.

As quality is the absolute top priority at Artizen Genetics, every harvest is tested in the lab to ensure the fantastic quality. Tests for pesticides, microbes and water, heavy metals, potency and terpenes are part of the manufacturer's purity and potency guarantee. Artizen offers a wide range of cannabis strains, including: Indicas, Sativas, as well as a variety of hybrids.

Real connoisseurs love their Dutchberry, Allen Wrench, Blue Dream and Grape Gorilla, the cannabis from Artizen is in a class of its own and so the feminised cannabis seeds are also highly recommended. The small but fine product range is constantly being expanded and we are already looking forward to what the future will bring at Artizen Genetics.

  • Model: ARZ02
  •      Manufactured by: Artizen

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