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Mimosa 5 fem

     Manufactured by: ApeOrigin

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Mimosa brings impressive plants to any gardener, both in terms of appearance and terpene content. This mostly Sativa produces dense plants that feature colors ranging from light green to purple. The flavors and aromas combine sour citrus notes with an earthy and floral background, a really explosive aroma! It is a cross between the Clementine and Purple Punch cannabis strains, suitable for indoors, for the greenhouse and for outdoor cultivation, for experienced and novice gardeners alike. It owes its name to the famous champagne and orange juice cocktail, Mimosa, for its citrus aroma and deliciously earthy and tart orange zest.

ApeOrigin is the union of ApeGenetics and Originseeds - a new breedercollective located all over the world with the target to reproduce medicinal, old, legendary and rare strains and landraces as well. Every breeder has his own individual target - creating strains for outdoor- or indoorgrowers. The collective tries to offer more and more rare strains in future - especially landraces which are not available anywhere else.

  • Model: APE31
  •      Manufactured by: ApeOrigin

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