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Grape Ape 5 fem

     Manufactured by: ApeOrigin

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Sale: € 19,92)

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Grape Ape is a mostly Indica that grows very fast and very robust, it smells amazingly of fresh fruits with a strong, sweet grape base in combination with mangoes and grapefruits. It is a blend of Mendo Purps, Skunk and Afghani that is easy to grow and ideal for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Grape Ape thrives in almost all environments, it has a very bushy nature and the individual plants turn beautiful dark blue or purple at the end. Any gardener who loves exceptional indicas should definitely have this fantastic strain on their radar, besides the excellent quality, Grape Ape is not only easy to grow but also matures extremely fast!

ApeOrigin is the union of ApeGenetics and Originseeds - a new breedercollective located all over the world with the target to reproduce medicinal, old, legendary and rare strains and landraces as well. Every breeder has his own individual target - creating strains for outdoor- or indoorgrowers. The collective tries to offer more and more rare strains in future - especially landraces which are not available anywhere else.

  • Model: APE36
  •      Manufactured by: ApeOrigin

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