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Cherry Diesel 5 fem

     Manufactured by: ApeOrigin

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Cherry Diesel is also known as Cherry Turbo Diesel: it is a cross of Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel, which together bring their best qualities to this blend. Cherry Diesel smells pungent and brings the grower a very cherry flavour profile with sweet Diesel undertones, a really classy and very tasty terpene profile! You can also grow this cannabis strain effortlessly, it is very fast and therefore also recommended outdoors, as long as you grow it in a somewhat rain-protected spot. Cherry Diesel likes to be grown in sea-of-green and she likes a lot of fertilizer, but she also thrives without fertilizer, so she is a great strain for beginners.

ApeOrigin is the union of ApeGenetics and Originseeds - a new breedercollective located all over the world with the target to reproduce medicinal, old, legendary and rare strains and landraces as well. Every breeder has his own individual target - creating strains for outdoor- or indoorgrowers. The collective tries to offer more and more rare strains in future - especially landraces which are not available anywhere else.

  • Model: APE49
  •      Manufactured by: ApeOrigin

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Although used in a lot of other hybrids, straight Cherry-Diesel seeds are hard to find. Thank you Cannapot/ApeOrigin. Shout out to "J" at Cannapot. Had an issue with order/payment and it was taken care of super fast. Very happy with their customer service!

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