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Zacateca Tribute

     Manufactured by: Ace Seeds

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Zacatec Tribute is a pure Sativa that was created by crossing the cannabis strains Big Sur Holy Weed and Oaxacan Gold. Ace Seeds created this fantastic strain to capture the essence of some of the rarest Mexican cannabis strains in the world.

Zacatec Tribute smells wonderfully sweet and flowery of pine trees, incense and the finest hashish - it always grows well both indoors and outdoors! Indoors, by the way, it thrives best under LEDs, of course it is also suitable for conventional grow lights, but LEDs are undoubtedly best suited for growing this wonderful sativa.

The once highly revered and in its pure form believed to be extinct Sativa Lila Zacatecas Mexican Sativa, which is clearly part of the genetic heritage of Big Sur Holy Weed, is held as an IBL. Big Sur Holy Weed is legendary in itself and was crossed in this hybrid with one of the ten rarest Mexican strains: Green Mountain Seeds' exclusive Oaxacan Gold!

ACE Seeds is a Spanish breeder with a lot of experience and the mission to protect and preserve excellent marihuana genetics. The group consists of enthusiastic and highly experienced hemp seed breeders who are passionate about breeding and propagating seeds.

They offer an excellent range of cannabis seeds with a focus on rare landraces, medicinal cannabis seeds and feminised seeds. ACE Seeds is still one of the seed producers who make sure that rare genetics and landraces do not disappear from our planet. You will find the best sativas and indicas in the manufacturer's assortment - new strains are released all the time and every lover of great landraces and innovative strains is guaranteed to find the right genetics at ACE Seeds.

  • Model: ACE65
  •      Manufactured by: Ace Seeds

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