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Burma Myanmar Sativa

     Manufactured by: Ace Seeds

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Burma by Ace Seeds is a fantastic mostly sativa that is every landrace sativa lover's absolute dream. The strain smells deliciously of sweet cinnamon, hot pepper, lemongrass and a hint of raw mango - this is an easy plant to grow but requires a lot of patience. Burma Sativa hardly needs any fertilizer, she has no problems with mould, mildew or fungus but, as said, she requires a lot of patience! If you are looking for a really exceptional sativa and have a little patience when growing, you should definitely have this strain in the garden, Burma is really an incredibly good hemp strain of the best quality.

Located in northeastern India, Burma borders several countries: China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh and India, making it a natural hub for multicultural confluence. The entire country experiences overwhelmingly monsoon-based weather that is extremely humid, with moderate coastal temperatures. The eastern part of the country borders Laos, namely the Mong Hsat District, which is located in the eastern province of Shan. The cannabis plant samples acquired from this region have a very airy and fluffy texture, which seems suitable for the environment as none of the plants suffer from powdery mildew or botrytis at all.

Ace Cannabisseeds - feminized and regular seeds

ACE-Seeds is a Spanish seed-producer with a lot of experience and the mission to protect and preserve excellent marihuana genetics. The group consists of enthusiastic and highly experienced marijuana seed creators who are passionate about breeding and propagating seeds. All different marijuana strains created by AceSeeds are of best quality! The company was founded in Spain in 2004 and has since made a name for itself in the cannabis community.

The enterprise offers an excellent range of cannabis seeds with a focus on rare landraces, medicinal cannabis seeds and feminized seeds. This creator of is still one of the producers who make sure that rare genetics and landraces do not disappear from our planet. You will find the best Sativas and Indicas in the manufacturer's assortment - new strains are released all the time and every lover of great landraces and innovative strains is guaranteed to find the right genetics. Their genetics are considered high quality and stable, which means that their seeds can grow into robust and healthy plants. They have also developed some remarkable hybrids that combine different characteristics and flavors.

Malawi - Erdpurt - PCK - Ace Mix and more superb strains

If you want the perfect landrace genetics on the market, you should not look further to find seeds from other seed banks. Ace Seeds offers the incredible sativa dominant Malawi, the indica dominant Erdpurt, the famous PCK (aka Pakistan Chitral Kush), Congo feminized and other perfect landrace strains that produce the best quality marijuana. 

If you can't decide which genetics you want to buy, check out the mix: you can order Ace Mix feminized or Ace Mix standard (regular) at our shop. The mix contains, as the name suggests, different landrace seeds such as from the countries of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, China, Guatemala, Malawi, Congo, Vietnam, Thailand etc. You find sativa strains as well as indica strains in the mix. 

Also fans of autoflowering seeds will find very nice genetics like the very strong and powerful Auto Zamaldelica feminized or the Auto Malawi x Northern Lights. To sum it up: Ace Seeds Cannabis Seeds provides the best strains on the market, it is a seed bank of proven quality with a wide range of feminized seeds and regular genetics - so buy Ace Seeds here at Cannapot and you won't be disappointed!

  • Model: ACE66
  •      Manufactured by: Ace Seeds

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