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Manufactured by: Tropical Seed Company

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A very nice sativalandrace from the highlands of Southafrica - Ciskei is an easy plant smelling great like a mix of pines, apples and spicy citric. It is a cannabisstrain that can be grown outdoors and indoors without any troubles. Ciskei is very homogeneus and can be grown by beginners as well. 

Cannabisseeds created and produced by the Tropical Seed Company are offering a superb quality. Most of the genetics are produced at 28ºN latitude in a subtropical climate which allows to reduce the flowery time in just one year of work. Because of this subtropical climate Tropical Seeds changed many long sativas to fast and easy to grow genetics. Thanks to this climatic possibility which allows to reproduce three tropical sativa generations in just one year of outdoor work. The Tropical Seed Company offers outstanding genetic which is based on landrasses, many seeds they sell are 100% landraces and most of their hybrids are created by crossing theese landraces. We are realy happy to have this breeder in our selection of cannabisseeds cause this is absolutely great stuff can be grown by experts and beginners as well.

  • Model: TROP14
  • Manufactured by: Tropical Seed Company

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