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Burger Kush

     Manufactured by: World of Seeds

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Burger Kush is simply not to be missed if you're into indicas! This true jewel of cannabis is the result of crossing two of the most famous and powerful strains on the market: Donny Burger and Head Band. Burger Kush offers an extremely complex terpene profile with dominant notes of pinene and a subtle hint of lemon, this combination of flavours makes for an unforgettable olfactory experience that evokes images of pine forests and fresh lemons. Burger Kush is rock hard and crazy strong, the plants are uniformly pale green, although some plant phenotypes have a greater tendency towards purple hues. It's super easy to grow and is best suited to a sea-of-green indoor garden, as long as you can provide it with good ventilation. Outdoors, it should be grown in regions that are not too cold, preferably protected from the rain with good air circulation so that mould does not become a problem.

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World of Seeds in Spain has been in the cannabis seed business for a long time and was born out of the idea to sensitise and educate society about many issues in the cannabis field. This breeder offers excellent genetics, both landraces and ingenious hybrids await the grower. In addition, World of Seeds aims to provide information on the responsible use of cannabis plants, both for medicinal and recreational purposes. The range includes feminized marijuana seeds as well as regular seeds of the highest quality, which growers will appreciate.

Landraces, Early Harvest - cannabis seeds

The manufacturer offers great landraces for lovers of original varieties - for example Colombian Gold, Wild Thailand, Mazar Kush or Ketama are part of the excellent range of landraces. In addition to these genetics, World of Seeds also offers autoflowering strains such as Pakistan Ryder or Wild Thailand Ryder with outstanding quality and surprisingly high THC levels. It goes without saying that the breeder also offers great indoor strains such as Northern Light x Big Bud, Yumbolt 47 or New York-47.

But what many outdoor growers really like are the very fast varieties from World of Seeds: the so-called Early Harvest strains, which mature very quickly, are very robust and are guaranteed to mature before the wet and cool autumn days. These include the strains Strawberry Blue Early (a cross between Blueberry and Strawberry Cough) or Afghan Kush Early - great cannabis strains and great cannabis seeds with marvellous yields that are perfect for outdoor growers. World of Seeds is a great manufacturer that appeals to a wide audience, all the different strains are suitable for growers who want to grow reliable genetics.

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  •      Manufactured by: World of Seeds

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