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Pure Power Plant fem

     Manufactured by: White Label

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Power Plant is a very cool strain that has been one of the best Dutch cannabis strains for several years now. It was developed around 1997 from South African genetics. This strain has been inbred and never hybridised, it is a mix of about 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, easy and fast to grow. 

Pure Power Plant is best suited to a warm, very sunny climate (e.g. Mediterranean). However, the plants can of course also be grown in a greenhouse or in indoor gardens. They are suitable for most growing methods and also respond very well to SCROG and SOG (Sea of Green) methods. Many growers also report good results with lollipopping and supercropping.

Power Plant smells deliciously of some musk with citrus aromas and a hint of bitter notes, rounded off with some woody vanilla with a slight spiciness....

The White Label Company is a subsidiary company of the legendary breeder Sensi Seeds from the Netherlands - White Label offers highgrated cannabisseeds with great quality to a fair and low price. The seeds are feminized and regular as well, strains like Masterkush, Afghan Kush, White Widow, Northern Lights, Purple Haze or Skunk #1 are just a few examples. With White Label the breeder Sensi Seeds offers the opportunity to economically buy cannabis seeds from some of the most popular cannabis strains available today.

  • Model: WHL02FEM
  •      Manufactured by: White Label

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