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Golden Cannary 5 reg

     Manufactured by: Top Tao Seeds

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Sale: € 39,60)

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After a long time and hard work over many years Top Tao now offers this superb semiautoflowering-strain called Golden Cannary. Golden Cannary is the perfect cannabisstrain for guerilla grower but it is also recommended for greenhouses where you can expect incredible results as well. The smell is outstanding and awesome, really unique and delicious and thanks to its genetics this strain can be grown by every gardener without any troubles in nearly every surrounding.

Top Tao is a very nice breeder from the Czech Republic breeding marijuana seeds since the year 1998. Top Tao has much experience cause they followed the underground growers tradition over so many years till the cannabisseeds were legalized in the Czech Republic. The genetic which is used for breeding this outdoor highlights come from all over the world, for example they came with sailors via Amsterdam or Hamburg or from Africa were students brougth them. All strains are suited perfect for Europe, they are all very easy to grow showing great and amazing results. They all have no problems with stress, diseases or cold nights - every grower can plant theese beautiful genetics, also the beginner can expect incredible results. Top Tao does not produce female seeds, they only breed regular seeds to be natural as possible - if you are searching for outdoorseeds, this breeder is the one you are looking for.

  • Model: TTS14_REG5
  •      Manufactured by: Top Tao Seeds

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