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Pahari Farmhouse

Manufactured by: The Real Seed Company

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This domestic sativa produces large and hardy plants with superb mold & disease resistance. Pahari Sativas are large aromatic plants which grow in the heartlands of Saivite (Shiva) Hinduism. Aromas are of raw carrot, lime, with mango-like scents. 12 seeds / pack

Offering rare and crazy landraces from all over the world this enterprise called The Real Seed Company is a very friendly group of collectors who are searching for traditional cannabisseeds in their pure and unhybridised from. They find marijuanaseeds wich are quiet rare and unknown, these are pure genetics as mother nature gives us. All seeds are for sure untreated, many of them are for the real Connoissuers and they come from countries from all over the world. The cannabisseeds have their roots in Afghanistan, India, Africa, Pakistan, Morroco, Nepal, Turkey or in the Lebanon - these are all countries with a lot of tradition in growing ganja and weed. The Real Seed Company has taken an unprecedented step in the history of the hempseedbanks by offering an open catalogue of rare and authentic heirloom cannabis varities that can be owned by everyone, all genetics are authentic, never changed and never hybridizised.

  • Model: RSC03REG12
  • Manufactured by: The Real Seed Company

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The Real Seed Company

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