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Fruit Dropss 6 fem

     Manufactured by: The Plug Seedbank

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Fruit Drops is a Runtz S1, that is, a Runtz that has been backcrossed with itself - in 2023, it is one of the most sought-after cannabis strains out there, and this has only increased thanks to its near-universal acceptance among 420 celebrities and its cloning history. The strain is not difficult to grow and is best suited for indoor growers or greenhouses, outdoors it should be grown in warmer climates to reach its full potential.

Runtz is one of the best known and most counterfeited genetics in the business today, but thanks to the Plug Seed Banks you can find some gems that are very similar to the original cutting. Fruit Drops was bred by crossing the infamous Gelato 33 Breeders Cut with Zkittlez and has a lovely unique candy, sherbert and gas-terp profile that smells like a delicious fruity funk, rich with notes of sugar and syrup. The story behind the Runtz strain is uncertain, the subject of much rumour and cannabis folklore, but one thing is certain: it is one of the finest strains in the modern gene pool.

Runtz is the de facto cannabis strain in hip-hop and rap music today, so it only makes sense that the team is made up of rappers like Yung LB and Dollars Up Nero, working with cannabis and hip-hop mogul "Berner".

The Plug Seedbank offers very good strains, many of them already won prices at different cannabis-cups all around the world. Every genetic that reaches the market is tested before by many grower – so you can be sure that only the best quality of seeds are sold at the Plug Seedbank. Strains like Blue OG Sherbert, Spumoni or Strawnana Wifi are highly recommended, stable genetics are waiting for your garden so do not wait any longer!

  • Model: PLG13
  •      Manufactured by: The Plug Seedbank

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