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Banana Loaf 6 fem

     Manufactured by: The Plug Seedbank

€ 70,00
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Sale: € 63,00)

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Banana Loaf is a blend of Banana OG and El Chapo, she brings the crazy fruit funk of ripe bananas with the electrifying power of El Chapo and her Headbanger line. The plants are very productive and vigorous, all are easy to grow, and best suited for a sea-of-green. Banana Loaf is a 60% sativa with distinct aromas of banana, backed by a cosy funk, a fantastic choice for lovers of unusual scents. Its appearance also makes it highly recommended for extraction artists, you can do the most delightful things with Banana Loaf, whether you have experience growing it or not....

Cannabis Seed Plug Seedbank - great Strains

The Plug Seedbank has won a lot of prizes at various cannabis cups and enjoys great popularity. The reason is of course the outstanding quality that this group of seed breeders and growers offer, all cannabis strains are tested for quality by experienced growers before release and only the truly best genetics finally reach the cannabis seed market.

The Plug Seed Bank is a seed company, a group of cannabis lovers founded by The Plug BCN - an exclusive cannabis café in Barcelona with a cult following. Their 2020 releases have attracted the attention of discerning industry insiders. On offer are great strains such as Blue OG Sherbert, Spumoni or Strawnana Wifi, all of which have already won cups and are likely to win more prizes in the future!

  • Model: PLG12
  •      Manufactured by: The Plug Seedbank

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The Plug Seedbank

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