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ZaiZaï is a cross of OZ Kush and a male Jet A - OZ Kush brings a heavy terpene production with a strong gasoline / diesel odor, while Jet A brings the fantastic and great flavour of Gelato. The strain is easy to grow and also very fast, it is suitable for all environments - the plants have a heavy, intense smell of diesel and sweet fruit, they are a real asset in the garden. ZaiZai is definitely pure fire - the name pays homage to a very good friend of Perfect Tree Seeds, a real connoisseur with a great connection to nature. For Perfect Tree, ZaiZai is the absolute favorite variety of their entire product range ...

Perfect Tree is a small but very fine seed company that was founded by a group of passionate cannabis lovers. The manufacturer produces excellent cannabis varieties for breeders, extraction enthusiasts and collectors. Perfect Tree has selected some of the best strains sourced from various seed banks and breeders around the world. With these great genetics they created regular seeds as well as feminized cannabis seeds with which every grower can grow very successfully. In order to guarantee the quality and stability of all varieties, each strain is intensively tested before the seeds are sold, and this by breeders all over the world - Perfect Tree spares no effort to bring only the best quality seeds onto the market!

  • Model: TPT11
  •      Manufactured by: The Perfect Tree

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