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Grape Kush

     Manufactured by: The Cali Connection

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Sale: € 54,00)

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Grape Kush (Grape Romulan x Pre 98 Bubba) is a nice mix of Indica and Sativa, easy to grow and therefore ideal for beginners and experts alike. This great strain smells fantastically intense of grapes and spicy undertones of hashish and incense - every marijuana connoisseur loves Grape Kush! This strain of cannabis matures incredibly quickly, it is also extremely disease and mold resistant, so it can be grown very successfully both outdoors and indoors. Grape Kush is one of the best strains from the Cali Connection range, a recommendation for real connoisseurs!

The Cali Connection is a super Breeder with just one intention: to supply all grower around the world with the best californian genetics possible. The stock is a mix of different great genetics in feminized and regular form, every single strain offers a fantastic quality that makes every grower smile. Every single breeder of the Cali Connection has a lot of experience and so you can be sure that you will find a superb quality when you purchase their seeds. If you search for highend-cannabisseeds you just have found the right producer.

  • Model: CAL41
  •      Manufactured by: The Cali Connection

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