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Cara Cara feminized

     Manufactured by: Symbiotic Genetics

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CaraCara is a hybrid cross of GMO and Mimosa V6, using the infamous GMO, also known as Garlic Cookies, as its mother. Breeder SkunkHouse Genetics is the breeder of the GMO, and the phenotype selected by Skunkmasterflex became an incredibly popular strain that quickly caught on worldwide thanks to its garlic funk profile.

Symbiotic Genetics crossed this same GMO (which is itself a ChemD x Forum GSC) with their in-house Mimosa V6 and created a strain that smells strongly of Chemd Dog with sweet citrus aromas. However, some individuals smell a little like a mixture of lemons and garlic, so also a little like garlic and sometimes a mixture of mushrooms and onion in combination with lime. Cara Cara is best suited for indoogrowers, it is relatively easy to grow and therefore well suited for beginners.

Symbiotic Genetics was founded in 2014 as a collaboration between two cannabis industry legends, The Village & the Budologist. Symbiotic Genetics is a company that specialises in the development and breeding of extremely high quality cannabis strains.

The breeder is known for creating some popular and highly regarded cannabis strains. The company has attracted a lot of attention in the cannabis community, especially with the creation of the strain "Wedding Cake" (also known as "Triangle Mints #23"), which has become an extremely popular and sought-after strain. The breeder relies on careful crossbreeding and selective breeding techniques to develop unique and high-quality cannabis strains. The company has also created other world-renowned strains such as "Purple Punch", "Miosa & Kobe" or "Banana Punch", which also have a fantastic reputation in the growing community.

  • Model: SYM03
  •      Manufactured by: Symbiotic Genetics

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