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Ibiza Farmers

     Manufactured by: SuperStrains

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Ibiza Farmers combines the superb Afghan Indica with a fantastic Thai! This cross offers incredible fruity smells rounded up with a great citrus aroma, it is a true champion and recommended for experts but even the most unexperienced gardener will get incredible great plants of best quality. Outdoors it is especially suited to the Mediterranean climates of Southern Spain and Italy but it is also very mold resistant so it can be successfully grown further north during a good summer. The pungent aroma from the Afghani is beautifully blended with the sweet floral and fruity scents of the Thai strain. Afghan heritage smells rich, earthy and very hash-like. The Thai lineage becomes apparent after a decent time of curing - hints of pine and citrus notes come at you in waves, feeling kind of like a fresh lemon slushy!

This very nice hempseedbreeder called SuperStrains is producing (as the name suggests) only the best qualityseeds possible. Offering great strains like Amnesia, Enemy of the State, 7th Wave or El Cucaracha this breeder has only good strains for the novice and for the expert grower as well. All the cannabisseeds provide great medical power and so many medical user are planting theese highquality strains with a lot of success.

  • Model: SUP12
  •      Manufactured by: SuperStrains

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