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White Widow

     Manufactured by: Silent Seeds

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White Widow is arguably the best-selling cannabis strain of all time and with a high dose of nostalgia and offering a therapeutic bliss, White Widow by Silent Seeds is the feminised version of the 1990s trailblazer. It is a very compact plant with a very intense sweet and sour scent that can't necessarily be described as inconspicuous. If you want to grow discreetly, then sufficient aeration with a filter is essential. White Widow can also be grown outdoors if the autumn days are not too wet, but indoors it is of course always a perfect appearance. By the way, in many countries it is also used very successfully therapeutically: for example, patients suffering from illnesses such as insomnia, muscle tension, chronic pain and stress report that these symptoms are greatly reduced with White Widow.

Silent Seeds Seed bank - strains by Dinafem successor

The cannabis seed producer Silent Seeds is a really great marijuana seed bank with over twenty years of experience. Growing connoisseurs know that Silent Seeds has been the direct successor to Dinafem since 2021. Now they are back under the name Silent Seeds, offering feminised and autoflowering seed varieties of the highest quality. Together with Sherbinski, the Breeder has even more fantastic varieties in its range: unique exotic U.S. strains with exceptional genetic potential that demonstrate all the avant-gardism and experience of two extraordinary breeders. Together with Sherbinskis, for example, the genetics of Polar Gelato or Pink Sunset are offered, the potency and the amount of these strains THC is incredible good!

Silent Seeds is highly appreciated and recognised for the high quality of its seeds. The seed bank based in Rotterdam (Holland) offers leading varieties such as Watermelon Runtz, Zkittlez 2.0, Lemon Sorbet, Starfire OG or Original Amnesia. In addition to 20 years of experience since the company was founded, the ambitious team consists of some of the most important members of the old Dinafem team, making Silent Seeds absolute experts in the cannabis seed genetics market.

Silent Seeds continues to offer some of the brilliant and classic feminised cannabis seeds from Dinafem, a historic brand that has been on the market since 2005. These include legendary strains such as White Widow, LA Vanilla Cake, Moby Dick and OG Kush. The strength of Silent Seeds is to continue the great breeding work and not to copy it, as many other seed producers do today.

  • Model: SIL25
  •      Manufactured by: Silent Seeds

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