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Northern Lights

     Manufactured by: Sensi Seeds

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Sale: € 34,85)

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Northern Lights is definitely a must-have for any indoor grower - Northern Lights has dominated the various festivals and cannabis cups for very many years. Through careful breeding choices, Sensi Seeds has managed to develop one of the most vigorous plants the world has ever seen.

Northern Lights needs plenty of sunlight and heat to reach its full potential. Therefore, the plants should be grown in a country with long, hot summers, the Mediterranean is the ideal place for this strain. In Central Europe and more northern areas, it can only be grown indoors. However, it is very easy to grow and therefore very suitable for beginners. Northern Lights smells heavy and intense, rich and earthy with a nice touch of honey and herbal notes!

Who does not know Sensi Seeds? Every grower who wants to order some cannabisseeds finds the way to this beautiful enterprise from the Netherlands. It is one of the oldest producer of weedseeds started the business in the year 1985. The owner of the Sensi Seed Bank is the family Dronkers who produced multiple cannabiscup winner strains of the highest quality. This breeder won the most prizes of all during the thirdy years of business, they offer amazing marijuana-strains - for example the legend Jack Herer, the incredible Indica Woman called Black Domina, Marleys Collie, Hash Plant, Big Bud, Northern Light and so on. Every single cannabisseed by the Sensi Seedbank is a true winner, every plant will give you the highest satisfaction possible, all bouquets and perfumes are absolutely crazy. They are collecting and preserving very exotic, strong and interesting genetics from all over the world for creating these cupwinners, the genetics have its roots all over the world and only the best of the best are used for breeding new killerstuff. The seedbank has more appreciation as any other producer and has also won the most first prizes at cannabiscups since the year 1985.

  • Model: SEN13
  •      Manufactured by: Sensi Seeds

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