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NLX - Seedy Simon

     Manufactured by: Seedy Simon

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A superb backcross of a highly respected cannabisstrain from the Netherlands that is a very rare oldschool clone-only nowadays. This NLX [NLX x (NLX x X-DOG) is a superb backcross, a very easy and fast mostly Indica recommended for lovers of the legendary Northern Lights. Recommended for indoors but also performs very good in greenhouses and outdoors if you live in a moderate climatezone. This NLX offers a shocking intensive indicasmell you will never forget, very delicious and for sure very strong.

Cannabisseeds by Seedy Simon are bred and produced with a lot of passion – over many years this guy was producing very nice weedseeds under the label 'Average Seed Company' and now he offers some very nice strains under the name 'Seedy Simon'. The strain NLX is a cross of a great dutch clone with the X-Dog from Alpine Seeds, it is a mostly Indica that is easy to grow and recommended for beginners who want to grow indoors, outdoors or in greenhouses. In future this guy will offer more strains bred with a lot of passion, he is also one of the guys behind the famous southafrican Sativa called Bushmans, one of the best Sativas ever created...

  • Model: SSS01
  •      Manufactured by: Seedy Simon

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Just harvested one NLX lady today. On the 10 seeds I received I made a selection and keep only the five most beautiful plants. 4 were males and one was a female. I NOT topped her and she became gigantic with a huge central cola and very nice " crown" buds around the main cola. The buds were crusted in trichomes and the buds were very dense. When finish,I turn off the light for two days before I cut her,in my cave the temp were low and when I took her from the box the buds had a pink color and a really nice odor. For the price,I'm very imprees by the work of seedy Simon. Honnestly it's a must have ...

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