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Jock Horror

     Manufactured by: The Sativa Seedbank

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Sativa Seedbanks strain called Jock Horror is a first quality hybrid of Northern Light, Skunk and Haze - it is an amazing type of cannabis that is little bit faster as the original and legendary Jack Herer by Sensi Seeds. You can grow these seeds indoors very good, the plants are not difficult to grow so even novice gardeners will get nice results.

This breeder is a co-production of the well known Nirvana Seedbank with a few dutch guys who have an enormous experience in breeding seeds for many years now. The Sativa Seedbank is (as the name suggests) specialized in producing mostly and pure Sativastrains of highest order. All different weedseeds are easy to grow, they are recommended for experienced and also for novice grower. Most of the plants are fast so they can also be grown outdoors on most spots. This very nice and very good enterprise provides feminized seeds as well as regular cannabisseeds for grower, collectors and medical users.

  • Model: SAT07
  •      Manufactured by: The Sativa Seedbank

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The Sativa Seedbank

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