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Hawaii Maui Waui

     Manufactured by: The Sativa Seedbank

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Hawaii Maui Waui - top Sativa from Nirvana Seeds

Hawaii Maui Waui is a lanky and thin tropical Sativa strain with a light touch of Indica, a Hawaiian genetics that delivers fantastic flavours and terpenes, it is an excellent type of cannabis for indoor growing. Outdoors, it only works in warm climates or in a greenhouse with good ventilation.

It smells of cedar wood and at the same time tropically fruity with a wonderful touch of fresh garden herbs and a little pineapple. The aroma is reminiscent of a really old, established plant with the fantastic sweet smell of yesteryear - so if you want to grow a great old school sativa with a high THC content, this bud is the perfect option. Hawaii Maui Waui offers real "old school" euphoric genetics, which means that the scent is not as overpowering as most modern indoor varieties, but it is definitely a real treat for the senses, pure energize.

Through many years of careful inbreeding, Nirvana has managed to achieve the elusive "Valley Island" odour of the Hawaiian Islands, so if you love tropical fruit, you should definitely grow Hawaii Maui Waui seeds. Hawaii Maui Wowie is available feminised and also as regular seeds, the flowering time is around 9-11 weeks and the yield of this Hawaiian cannabis strain should not be underestimated, despite the old genes.

Sativa Seedbank - Nirvanas sativa strains

This breeder is a co-production of the well known Nirvana Seedbank with a few dutch guys who have an enormous experience in breeding seeds for many years now. The Sativa Seedbank is (as the name suggests) specialized in producing mostly and pure Sativastrains of highest order. All different weedseeds are easy to grow, they are recommended for experienced and also for novice grower. Most of the plants are fast so they can also be grown outdoors on most spots. This very nice and very good enterprise provides feminized seeds as well as regular cannabisseeds for grower, collectors and medical users.

  • Model: SAT05
  •      Manufactured by: The Sativa Seedbank

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