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Cambodian (Phnom Phen)

     Manufactured by: Reeferman Seeds

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Cambodian (Thai x Haze x Cambodian) is a real crazy old-school Asian sativa hybrid, with a realy great mould resistance. This one is not recommended for outdoorgrowers - only the indoorgardener who has much time will be satisfied with it. Phnom Phen is a great pure Sativa with a superb oldschool flavour...10 seeds / pack

Americans Reeferman Genetics represents one of the best collection of original oldschool-strains and landraces from all over the world. This breeder is in the business for many years now always providing regular weedseeds which are all exceptional good. Reeferman won many different prizes the last years and it is one the breeders who offer these rare and highly recommended oldschoolseeds. All seeds are for the real cannasseur but they can be grown very easy so also the non expert can plant it without any troubles. Reeferman provides strong and fast outdoorseeds, great indoorstrains, Sativas and of course superb Indicas as well.
  • Model: REEF_14
  •      Manufactured by: Reeferman Seeds

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