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First Lady aka Primera Dama

     Manufactured by: Original Delicatessen

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First Lady (Primera Dama) is very great, 100% pure Sativa - this strain is a superb inbreed line of a pure Sativa with its roots in the 60ies and 70ies as the first hybrids were created at the american coasts. It is a very easy type of weedseed for a grow, a pure Sativa that can be grown succesful indoors, in greenhouses and also outdoors. A superb type of marihuana for lovers of pure sativastrains.

Original Delicatessen - spanish breeder

Breeder of superb and very special cannabisseeds based in Spain - all strains are crosses of real good genetics and all have something real special. Original Delicatessen offers hybrids like Queen Mother (which is a fantastic cross of genetics from La Reunion and Congo), Eddy (a hybrid of Congo and Pakistan Chitral) or Lilly (aka Pina Colada which is smelling fantastic like a tropical Pina Colada) which are finest quality. If you are searching for special strains this breeder is the right one for you, all cannabisseeds produced by Delicatessen are very easy to grow and recommended for indoors, outdoors and especially for greenhouses.

  • Model: ODL6
  •      Manufactured by: Original Delicatessen

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Original Delicatessen

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