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Nevilles Haze

     Manufactured by: Mr. Nice Seeds

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This is a tribute to the father of all seedcompanies and breeders: Neville Schoenmakers. Nevilles Haze is a superb and great Sativa smelling incredible intensive reminding on a holiday in the tropic area. It is one of the best Sativas alltime but it is not the fastest and not the easiest cannabisstrain to grow. You need patience and little bit of experience if you want to get the best out of it. But once you have it under control you can expect the best Sativa possible - Neville's Haze is a great cannabisstrain, for sure a true gem and alltime-favourite for many grower.

Mr. Nice Seedbank offers strains like the famous Super Silver Haze, Black Widow (aka White Widow - the original), White Rhino or White Shark. It is the seedbank of Shantibaba (Scott Blakey) and Howard Marks better known as Mr. Nice - all their strains have exceptionally high quality, highly medical power is waiting for the cannabisseur or for people who are searching for alternative pharmaceuticals. Mr Nice Seeds are highly recommended, they won several cannabiscups since the 1990s and nowadays they are still one of the best kinds of cannabisseeds you can find on our planet earth.

  • Model: MSN20REG15
  •      Manufactured by: Mr. Nice Seeds

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