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Diesel Moonshine

     Manufactured by: Mosca Seeds

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Wow, when you order Diesel Moonshine seeds online, you can be sure to receive something real special – this strain by MoscaSeeds is the result of crossing the well known Sour Diesel with the DJ Shorts famous Indica called Old Time Moonshine. This blend is a nice balanced mix of sativa- and indicagenetics providing an incredible obtrusive smell reminding on gas fuel with a very strong touch of sour stuff, this is an absolute delicious type of cannabis! You can grow Diesel Moonshine normally without any troubles, this strain does not need much knowledge – it is a very nice plant for indoorgrower always showing nice results high over the average. 

Mosca Seeds - perfect cannabis strains

This very nice producer of finest high quality cannabis seeds called Mosca Negra is known for producing superb hybrids based on american genetics of highest quality. Most of their varieties are very fast and easy to grow with amazing medical results. When you grow their range of indica and skunk strains you will get an amazing quality cannabis. Mosca Seeds offers strains like OldTimeMoonshine (which is a realy fine indica produced by DJ Short long time ago), OldTimeIndiana Bubblegum (Legend IndicanaBubblegumClone x Old Time Moonshine) or a the very nice and highquality inbreedline of Cinderella 99 S1. The seeds by Mosca are recommended especially for indoors, for beginners and expert growers. Also have a look at the very nice hempstrain called Ripple which is a cross of Stinky Le Pew and OldTimeMoonshine - when you smell this beautiful plant you feel like sleeping in a bed of blueberries.

  • Model: MOS_17
  •      Manufactured by: Mosca Seeds

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