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Alien Wedding

     Manufactured by: Mosca Seeds

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Alien Wedding (Wedding Crasher x Fire Alien) is an incredible great strain, a mostly Indica that smells like semisweet Diesel - a great one that will blow the mind of the grower. These weedseeds are easy to grow, recommended for indoors and for beginners and experts - if you want to grow Alien Weeding outdoors you should live in a warm temperate zone. In the middle of Europe we highly recommend a greenhouse but please check your moisture, Alien Wedding can get very big so it is a little bit susceptible for mold but with a good aeration, you will get amazing results. Indoors it could be that the plants need some support that they do not break because of their amazing weight!

This very nice producer of finest cannabiseeds called Mosca Seeds offers superb hybrids based on american genetics of highest quality. Most of their varieties are realy fast, easy to grow with amazing medical results. MoscaSeeds offers strains like OldTimeMoonshine (which is a realy fine indica produced by DJ Short long time ago), OldTimeIndiana Bubblegum (Legend IndicanaBubblegumClone x Old Time Moonshine) or a the very nice and highquality inbreedline of Cinderella 99. Cannabisseeds by MoscaSeeds are recommended especially for indoors, for beginners and expert growers. Also have a look at the very nice hempstrain called Ripple which is a cross of Stinky Le Pew and OldTimeMoonshine - when you smell this beautiful plant you feel like sleeping in a bed of blueberries.

  • Model: MOS23
  •      Manufactured by: Mosca Seeds

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