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Muffin Limburger

Manufactured by: Massive Creations

€ 90,00
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(=€ 90,00)

Muffin Limburger (Zkittlez x Blueberry x UK Cheese) smells very nice and offers an unique flavour reminding on a mix of candy sweet fruits and Skunk (from the UK Cheese). It is a well balanced mix of indica- and sativagenetics that should be grown indoors, if you want to grow Muffin Limburger in your outdoor garden, you should live in a warm temperate zone where the months of september and october are not too cold and too wet. But Muffin Limburger is very easy to grow, so also unexperienced gardeners can get massive results. 10 seeds / pack

Massive Creations Cannabis Seeds are the products by the extremely talented breeder Shiloh Massive who is a grower that has bred marihuana for a long time now. He travelled a lot and took some fantastic genetics for his creations, he has been gardening and searching in Amsterdam, Spain, California or Hawaii where he found impressive genetics. Now you can order some great blends that he made over the last years, all different plants offer an incredible powerful flavour and amazing results – the product range features his own created strains like the Blue Z Burger, the Cherry Impossible or the Thors Hammer but together with the well known enterprise T.H. Seeds he also made some nice blends like Black Apple Hitchcock and Shilo-Z.

  • Model: MAC03REG10
  • Manufactured by: Massive Creations

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Massive Creations

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