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Fast n Glorious

     Manufactured by: Mandala Seeds

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Fast n Glorious (Early Mandala #1 x South African Highland) is a mostly Sativa that offers a nice flavour reminding on fruity mint with different herbs. It is a very hardy and fast variety created by Mandalaseeds, a recommended type of marijuana for indoors, outdoors, for the expert grower as well as for the pure beginner! Fast n Glorious does not have any troubles with mold and different types of illnesses, it can be grown nearly everywhere with a lot of success..

All crosses and hybrids created by this breeder are offering a superb mix of very nice genetics. Mandala traveled a lot in the early 80's to mid 90's throughout the Indian subcontinent for several years and they also visited many other exotic locations known for famous ganja. At these journeys they found many seeds which are now the base for their projects and their superb work. The cannabisseeds are all real fast and very vigorously, they have a great resistance against pests and they are adapted to different cultivation methods. Under the right circumstances all the strains are impressive and they are all being continuously improved on to achieve the highest standards possible.

  • Model: MAN24
  •      Manufactured by: Mandala Seeds

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