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Nustrakenti F1

     Manufactured by: Magic Herbs

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Nustrakenti F1 {(MK Ultra x Matanuska F2) x (Taskenti F3)} is a very nice mostly Indica that smells incredible good like a blend of lemons, mint and a slightly touch of the finest hashish you can imagine. These cannabisseeds are very easy to grow and they are perfectly suited for indicalovers, experts and beginners as well. Nustrakenti is recommended for indoors, for greenhouses and for outdoors as well if you live in a moderate and little bit warmer temperate zone.

Magic Herbs is a small grower with a preference for local breed genetics and works with open pollination to produce maximum genetic diversity. This means that from about 50 regular hemp seeds, the best males and females are used for the next generation. Conversely, it also means that some varieties have several phenotypes and that the plants often differ in growth, flower structure and smell. This is quite deliberate in order to make further selection and cultivation within the variety interesting. If you are tired of the old and sometimes boring Dutch and American polyhybrids, then Magic Herbs is the place to be. Haze, Skunk, Northern Lights and Kush have their purpose, of course, but play a very minor role in Magic Herbs' hemp strains and are rarely used.

  • Model: MGH06
  •      Manufactured by: Magic Herbs

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