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Jamaican Spirit F2

     Manufactured by: Magic Herbs

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Jamaican Spirit is an excellent hybrid between two less order breeded classical Jamaican Sativas. Lineage is Jamaican Blue Mountain 1985 x Jamaican Lambsbread 1960, initial cross was made by Underground Seed Collective and sold as double Jamaican. In a world of poly-hybrids this complex hybrid is a wonderful contrast who lights up your world with sunshine and love, give you a magical effect like only a few cannabis genetics can do. This F2 will give you a lot of variation in purple and green phenotype’s and the change to find something very special for breeding or personal needs.

The Potential of this strain is awesome, you can find a wide range of different terpenes, the aroma goes from lemon to tropical fruit, papaya, mango, pepper, wood with a hint of pine in background.

Magic Herbs says:
This strain beats all my exceptions that I had before – that is why I decide to do first steps in stabilization and adapting indoor conditions. I bought 5 packs from f1 and germinated them all together for a selection with around 60 seedlings. Then in do an open pollination with 9 best males and females. For first cleaning step I kicked all hermas out, to long flowering plants and plants I did not like. Males get stressed by swapping the light cycle and drying them out, these effects more less as banana ratio then F1. I do not want to reduce the genetic diversity to fast, that is why I tested the F2 offspring in the last rounds from all different mothers. It take a lot of time but its totally worth it to select carefully the best quality and preserve this magical spirit. For the next generations will higher the selection pressure, then I will split to a few breeding lines and work them out.

Jamaican Spirit F2 is a superb pure Sativa, a true gem for all sativalovers who are searching for real special genetics and it is very mould resistant as well.

Magic Herbs is a small grower with a preference for local breed genetics and works with open pollination to produce maximum genetic diversity. This means that from about 50 regular hemp seeds, the best males and females are used for the next generation. Conversely, it also means that some varieties have several phenotypes and that the plants often differ in growth, flower structure and smell. This is quite deliberate in order to make further selection and cultivation within the variety interesting. If you are tired of the old and sometimes boring Dutch and American polyhybrids, then Magic Herbs is the place to be. Haze, Skunk, Northern Lights and Kush have their purpose, of course, but play a very minor role in Magic Herbs' hemp strains and are rarely used.

  • Model: MGH01
  •      Manufactured by: Magic Herbs

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