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Banger Glue 6 female

     Manufactured by: Little Chief Collabs

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Banger Glue is a cross of the famous Headbanger with the Original Gorilla #4 - perfectly combining the best qualities of both parent strains: expect a full-blown assault on the senses as the acidic funk of Headbanger fuses with the earthy pine and fuel of Original Gorilla #4 to create a truly unique terpene profile.

This is an extremely potent cross, with the Karma Genetics Sativa inducing a rapid euphoria that is balanced and tempered by the GG4's famous couch-glue - a true hybrid that combines the best of Indica and Sativa strains.

Of course, there are plenty of cannabis strains that claim to be a true Gorilla Glue or carry GG4 in their genetics - most of them are not certified. However, Banger Glue is certified by GG Strains as a true cross that contains genuine original Glue genetics. This is a fantastic marijuana strain that beginners can grow to perfection, Banger Glue is great for a sea-of-green indoors, but can also be grown outdoors in areas that are not too humid.

Little Chief Collabs is a small but incredible good company that creates regular and female cannabisseeds of highest order. It is a small breeder-collective that only wants to offer the best genetics available on earth. Little Chief has been speaking to his friends and colleagues at the worlds top seedbreeders to create a range of marijuana super strains, for example the Tangie Ghost Train female is one of the most incredible strains seen over the last years. When you buy cannabisseeds produced by Little Chief Collabs you can be sure that you get the best of the best on planet earth.

  • Model: LLC03_FEM6
  •      Manufactured by: Little Chief Collabs

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