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Cocoa OG

     Manufactured by: Kens Grand Daddy

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This is a fab cannabisstrain for lovers of intensive chocolate smells, Cocoa OG is a cross of Chocolate Kush and Grandpa Larry (which is a cross of Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purple), very easy to grow showing amazing results. Recommended for indoors and outdoors as well, also the beginner will have a lot of fun planting this very nice hybrid. Cocoa OG is a true winner so recommended for all lovers of outstanding indicas.

Granddaddy Purple Genetics - GDPG offers amazing strains

Ken Estes, the brain and breeder behind Kens Grand Daddy Purple Genetics is providing medical cannabisseeds since the year 2003. He introduced the famous and best purple cannabis strain on earth called Grand Daddy Purps that offers an amzing content of THC, an incredible aroma and the perfect terpenes. All the strains created by this enterprise offers great medical possibilities for medical usement. In the states many people who are suffering on glaucoma, constant pain, muscle spasms, loss of appetite or disorders using the cannabis seeds created by Ken Estes - all marijuana strains created by GDP Genetics are for sure of highest quality.

Ken Estes Purple Strain - Grand Daddy - GDP

But one strain that tops it all is the cannabis cup winner called Grand Daddy Purp: originally probably a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, a mostly Indica hybrid with amazing potent effects that outshines all other Purples. The fantastic, outstanding medicinal properties of GDP are undeniably responsible for stimulating appetite, relieving joint pain, insomnia, nausea and migraines. Known as The Nighttime Strain due to the great results attributed to it by patients suffering from a range of sleep disorders, it is one of the most incredible indica strains ever created, an iconic strain of best quality with a very high THC level. In addition to that, the GDP is easy to grow as well and it turns into beautiful deep purple during the entire grow. The smell and taste is very intense and delicious, a rich blend of berry and grape notes - so if you want to get the best purp seeds on earth, this is your chance!

  • Model: KDP16
  •      Manufactured by: Kens Grand Daddy

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Kens Grand Daddy

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