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     Manufactured by: Kens Grand Daddy

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This groundbreaking strain, developed by Grand Daddy Purp's breeding and development team, has patients buzzing with excitement and she definitely lives up to the hype! Candyland is a sher good medicinal strain, great properties include: Pain management, muscle relaxation, mood elevation and a fantastic social stimulant. It is a mostly sativa that is easy to grow, it can be grown indoors and outdoors, the smell is extremely delicious and offers the perfect hint of Grand Daddy Purple, only with a little more sweetness. Candyland is a fantastic cross of Bay Platinum Cookies and Grand Daddy Purple, a real highlight of the breeder's range.

Ken Estes, the brain and head behind Kens Grand Daddy Purp is providing medical cannabisseeds since the year 2003 as he introduced the famous and best purplestrain on earth called Grand Daddy Purp. All the strains created by this enterprise offers great medical possibilities for medical usement. In the states many people who are suffering on glaucoma, constant pain, loss of appetite or disorders using the cannabisseeds from Grand Daddy Purp. This is for sure purplegenetic of highest quality you can imagine, there is not much more better stuff outside on our planet.

  • Model: KDP23
  •      Manufactured by: Kens Grand Daddy

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