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Dedoverde Haze

     Manufactured by: Humboldt Seeds

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Dedoverde Haze - a 1A Sativa strain

Dedoverde Haze is a fast F1 hybrid created from a mix of the legendary Amnesia (NL) and the original California Haze. The smell of this cross is absolutely fantastic, an explosion of spice and incense topped off with a touch of intense fruit. It is the perfect feminised strain for indoor growing, the flowering time is moderate and the yield is extremely high. This cannabis strain is also ideal for beginners who have always wanted to grow one of the great Haze strains.

Dedoverde Haze is a cannabis strain for the true connoisseur who appreciates the extremely strong scent and effect of medicinal strains, the high THC content and the high are also not to be sneezed at. Dedoverde Haze is certainly one of the best Sativa plants on the market, an absolute recommendation for true connoisseurs and for those who are looking for an easy-to-grow Haze for their grow.

Humboldt Seed Organization - best cannabis seeds from california

Humboldt Genetics is a breedercollective based in Humboldt County, the central of californians cannabis-industry. This breedercollective is collecting the best genetics available from all over the world for producing highquality seeds for the grower and medical users. The philosophy is to go as green as possible so the business is based on sustainable economy practices. They only use organic nutrients so it is guaranteed, that the produced seeds are realy bio. Humboldt Genetics plan to offer very exciting strains in the following years so do not forget to visit this section when you are searching for new stuff.

Blue Dream - Banana Sapphire - great fast flowering strains

The Humboldt County has been producing great seeds for many years and the Humboldt Seeds-Organization is a breeder that offers really high-quality strains. In addition to the normal feminised cannabis seeds, the assortment also includes fast flowering genetics such as Forbidden Fruit Fast or the fast Geist OG. So these very fast marijuana strains are best suited for indoor and outdoor growing, and they are also very suitable for inexperienced growers. 

Some of the best strains and genetics with high yields, great aroma and taste are Chocolate Mint OG (an OG variation, very potent and a great Indica), Banana Sapphire (a bestseller with great aroma and taste and high potency) or Blueberry Headband with its great aniseed and berry scent.

Choc Mint OG Auto - Chem Bomb Autoflower & more feminized strains

Humboldt Seeds also offers other different automatic strains like Chocolate Mint-Automatic or the great Chem Bomb-Automatic. These are both varieties that have been developed for beginners and are therefore guaranteed to be suitable for inexperienced growers. All different products created by this breeder offer an amazing flavor, the highest quality and for sure a lot of THC. So if you want to order great genetics that originally come from the States, the Humboldt Seed Organization is a great option.

  • Model: HUM22
  •      Manufactured by: Humboldt Seeds

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