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Raspberry Parfait

     Manufactured by: Humboldt Seed Co

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Sale: € 58,50)

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Raspberry Parfait offers great raspberry smells that are hardly found in cannabis plants - this great cross between the Shiskaberry and Trufula Tree varieties is not difficult to grow, the strain is very suitable for indoor gardens. Rapsberry Parfait is a mostly Sativa that can only show its full power outdoors in warmer regions, but in a greenhouse with good ventilation you will also get really great plants in Central Europe. If you are looking for an extremely fruity raspberry smell, then you cannot avoid Raspberry Parfait - it is a high-quality mostly Sativa with the most wonderful raspberries in the world!

Order Humbold Seed Company cannabis seeds at the Cannapot Seedshop – directly from the farm in Northeastern Humboldt County, high quality female & regular seeds of best quality. They say: “The whole point is that we only keep the very best of the best. That’s what we will continue to breed with...“ - so you can be sure to get true gems and incredible good plants. The Humbold Seed Company is what the real cannabisseur wants: superb plants, easy to grow with fantastic terpene-profiles!

  • Model: HSC15
  •      Manufactured by: Humboldt Seed Co

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