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Quantum Kush 5 reg

Manufactured by: Homegrown Natural Wonders

€ 46,50
Sale: € 40,45
incl. 13% VAT

(=€ 46,50
Sale: € 40,45)

Quantum Kush by breeder Homegrown Natural Wonders is a mostly Sativa with a lot of medical power. It is the result of crossing the Sweet Irish Kush with the well known strain by TGA Subcool called Timewreck. It offers a very high level of CBD so it can be used with a lot of success when you suffer on MS, depression, nausea or anxieties. The smell of Quantum Kush is awesome but not to intesive, it reminds on a mix of earth and ripped fruits. 5 seeds / pack

This breeder is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and it is producing highly recommended regular cannabisseeds for medical users, grower and collectors. Three generations working together to breed and produce the dankest, densest, most delicious and effective medicinal cannabisseeds that you are likely to find. Homegrown Natural Wonders is for sure a very good enterprise with reliable seeds for beginners and experts as well. They are permanentely working on something new and better, they already have won three overall awards and Micky Kush and Quantum Kush offer content that is nearly unbelievable. If you are searching for high-end-genetics of best quality you can be sure that Homegrown Natural Wonders features the stuff you are looking for.

  • Model: HNW03_REG5
  • Manufactured by: Homegrown Natural Wonders

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