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Blue Fizz

     Manufactured by: Grounded

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Blue Fizz is a cross of the marijuana strains Blue Jelly and Z-Road, this blend smells very sweet with fruits like blueberry, guava and also strawberry can be found in it. It is a nice mix of sativa and indicagenas, very easy to grow and best suited for indoor plants, for balconies or greenhouses. Outdoors, Blue Fizz should be grown in rather warmer regions, so that she also matures fully. Blue Fizz inherits the notorious blue hues and sweet, sugary terpenes from her grandmother (Blue Sherb); these traits seem to be recessive in the three projects that have developed her with Blue Sherb or her descendants.

Incidentally, the Blue Jelly phenotype (Blue Sherb x (Gelato 41 x Sherb bx1), selected as the mother for Blue Fizz, is a variety bred and selected from regular seed. Grounded Genetics combed through fifty different phenotypes before selecting the mother for Blue Fizz to be Z-Road pollinated.

Grounded Genetics - Blue Fizz and more Cannabis Strains

In the last decades, Grounded Genetics always stayed in the background and focused on growing and producing high-quality extracts, deeply rooted in the cannabis scene all over the world. This great commitment and also a lot of know-how has led them to receive several awards for their products. 

The passion for collecting and preserving genetics and creating new, exciting terpene profiles has led Grounded Genetics to eventually develop their own breeding programme. Only genuine, verified top-shelf cuts are used to produce the very high-quality feminized and regular cannabis seeds, mainly genetics from California and the USA. Grounded Genetics therefore stands for the very highest quality and delivers spectacular results and highly interesting strains. The main focus, besides the effect and the results, is the intense flavours that cannot be found elsewhere on the market.

  • Model: GRG09
  •      Manufactured by: Grounded

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