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Critical Sour female

     Manufactured by: Female Seeds

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Sale: € 19,80)

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Critical Sour by dutch breeder Femaleseeds is a very easy and highly recommended outdoorstrain for every grower - it is a very early maturing cannabisstrain that is ready in early September. Growing these seeds is absolutely cool and fine, you can use them as guerilla grower, for greenhouses, for your balcony and garden because it is not to smelly so perfectly suited for stealth growing. Critical Sour is the result of crossing a (Maroc x Grapefruit) and a (Auto NL x Auto NL x Auto Critical) so maybe one or two of thirty plants can start autoflower because of its genes. The smell is very nice: it is fruity, earthy and spicy and we are sure that you will satisfied with the supercool result this genetic offers. 

Femaleseeds is a superb producer of stable feminized genetics based in the Netherlands. The company has enormous experience in weed seeds and breeding great strains like Lemon Kush, Bubblegummer, SexBud or Grapefruit. It is one of the first breeding companies who produced real good and stable femaleseeds for the grower. They provide strains for the expert grower as well as for the novice. Femaleseeds offers very nice outdoorstrains like Easy Sativa, Maroc, Red Purps and also some automatic feminized strains like Auto Haze, Auto Kush or Speed Bud.

  • Model: FEM96FEM
  •      Manufactured by: Female Seeds

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