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Novarine THCV:THC female

     Manufactured by: Elite Seeds

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Novarine is a mostly Sativa that arose from Thai genes - these feminized weed seeds bring wonderfully soaring and very strong plants that smell intensely of pine with the absolutely perfect touch of sweet aniseed. Elite Seeds has created a strain that can be grown not only indoors but also outdoors due to its excellent mold resistance without any problems. If you are looking for a very strong Sativa or Thai variety, then there is no way around Novarine THCV: THC, it is definitely one of the absolutely best mostly Sativas on the market that is also extremely quick (for a Thai variety)!

Elite Seeds is a breeder from Spain producing a very nice range of highquality marihuanaseeds in feminized form. Founded in the year 2007 with the goal to find the best genetics from all around the world for producing strains that offer the perfect mix of cannabinoids. This breeder was one of the first who understood the important role of the cannabinoids and they always try to offer an optimal content of CBD in each strain. Elite Seeds Classic CBD cannabis strains are highly stable feminized premium strains that are excellent for medicinal usement. All products offer a super bouquet ranging from sweet spices to fruits, from earthy smelling moshus strains to hazy ones and you can be sure to get what you want when you order Elite Seeds at the Cannapot Hempshop.

  • Model: ELI26FEM
  •      Manufactured by: Elite Seeds

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