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Aqua Verde

     Manufactured by: Elev8

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Strawberry Cough is a pure clone that has become legendary for its amazing strawberry terpenes and Elev8 has crossed this clone with Chilli Verde to create a top quality spicy yet fiery fruity strain. Aqua Verde produces excellent results in a very short time, it is perfect for a sea of green and even the most novice grower will always get the best results from these feminised cannabis seeds. Aqua Verde is a real dream for lovers of hot, spicy and fruity strains, with a hint of musk and lavender rounding off this firework of flavours perfectly. So if you are looking for a fiery yet easy-to-grow strain, Aqua Verde should be on your radar.

Elev 8 Seeds - top collection - superb stuff

Elev 8 is an insanely good producer of regular and feminised cannabis seeds with a lot of experience - only real keepers are offered in this breeder's product range. By working with medical growers and other seed producers, Elev8 is able to offer only the best quality cannabis seeds for the grower. Highly medicinal cannabis strains such as 2 Scoops, Lemon Sherbet, Thundersnow or Oregon Apple Trail will make every grower's heart beat faster! Elev 8 is probably one of the best manufacturers - all the cannabis seeds on offer are of a truly above-average quality that is hard to beat.

Elev 8's mission is to preserve and provide the best representation of classic strains in seed form and make them available to the grower. Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to find strains that are identical to the original version in terms of vigour and performance. Too many breeders are not backcrossing the original enough to get seeds that are identical to the result of the original genetics. As a result, the varieties are no longer as unique and impressive in quality, and the product is no longer as good as it used to be. And this is where the breeders of Elev8 are the first to act, so that they can help all breeders in their search for genuine original genetics. The seeds with the various phenotypes from the company can be confidently described as incredibly perfect, very high quality and very powerful.

  • Model: ELV820
  •      Manufactured by: Elev8

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