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Mango Jack fem

     Manufactured by: Dready Cannabisseeds

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Mango Jack (Mango Kush X White Jack) is a very nice blend, a mostly Sativa that is not hard to grow but takes a little bit of time so it is just recommended for indoorgrower, for greenhouses or for grower who live in a warm temperatezone. These feminized cannabisseeds will bring you super plants that offer a great medical power, it does well on every medium but enjoys cocos most. The bouquet is an awesome mix of peppery/citrus blend of highest order - if you love lemony sativastrains this is your plant.

Dready Cannabisseeds is a very nice enterprise that provides amazing feminized cannabisseeds for grower and collectors. Dready Bob is the head of this nice company and he has been studying marijuana-genetics for almost two decades. If you are searching for easy plants, great genetics and feminized cannabisseeds this breeder is that what you are searching for. All genetics are very stable, all are easy to grow and all provide a massive strong highquality smell and and a massive power. Dready Seeds came into existence when Bob went from preserving to breeding different cannabis strains of highest order and that was for sure a big step for the world of cannabis - thanks buddies that we now can sell your great weedseeds at our Cannapot onlineshop.

  • Model: DRD01FEM
  •      Manufactured by: Dready Cannabisseeds

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