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OG LA Affie

     Manufactured by: Dna Genetics

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LA Affie aka Afghan Bombay Kush is an absolut fantastic Indica with the highest medicinal power you can imagine. An easy plant smelling like great afghan which is easy to grow. 

DNA Genetics Cannabis Seeds - proven and trusted supply

DNA Genetics is originally a really highly regarded producer of cannabis seeds in USA, a great breeder and of the the biggest brand in the world with the highest quality cannabis seeds that has been established in the market for a long time. The breeder has already won well over 250 different awards for the various cannabis strains since 2003, including the "High Times Cannabis Cup - Top 10 Strain of the Year" award more than ten times, which is an absolute record. Breeder Aaron Yarkoni saw the market in Europe early on and decided to settle in Amsterdam after two years of breeding in the States to select different types of strains and breed new genetic for Europe, for medicinal and recreational use.

DNA Genetics has a lot of partnerships with different enterprises and it has been one of the top addresses since its foundation and offers stable genetics in regular form and people especially appreciate feminised seeds from the seed bank for cultivation. Strains like Sour Tangie, Lemon OG Kush, Holy Grail, 24K Gold or Kushberry are highly sought-after cannabis seeds and of really high quality.

DNA Seeds - Creators of LA Confidential, Tangilope & Kosher Kush

DNA is known for breeding high-quality strains in the cannabis market, love and passion, years of experience and a wide range of premium traits speaks for itself. The award-winning strains LA Confidential, Tangilope, and Sour Kush are some of the popular strains developed by DNA Seeds, originally from California.

  1. LA Confidential: This strain is known for its strong indica characteristics. It produces compact, very strong plants and has an intense, earthy smell with great yields. LA Confidential is a trendy, top quality cross that is an absolute winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup.
  2. Tangie is a mostly sativa strain that combines the aroma of Tangerine with the powerful DNA structure and with a slightly chemical double helix perfume and thymine. She has a fruity taste and offers a great robust sativa power and she is probability one of the absolute most popular strains of many seed banks worldwide.  
  3. Kosher Kush is certainly one of the best strains in the Kush department - it is a first-class breeding of Sour Diesel and OG Kush and offers a strong and balanced aroma. She has a sour, piney smell and is often appreciated by people looking for a strong, relaxing experience.

DNA Seeds has a very good reputation for breeding high quality seeds and developing unique cannabis genetics. By the way, in the range there are also autoflowering strains like 60 Day Lemon or 60 Day Wonder, both award winners that fully mature in 8-9 weeks.

  • Model: DNA33
  •      Manufactured by: Dna Genetics

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