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Snowfire Isis Kush

     Manufactured by: Digital Genetics

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Snowfire Isis Kush is a classic Afghanstrain with the finest quality – it is another very easy to grow strain by DigitalGenetics that will keep you guessing. These cannabisseeds are the result of crossing the White Fire OG 3 with a blend of Snowlotus and Afghani #1, booth strains with a superb smell and a great quality. The aroma is very powerful reminding on sweet herbal spices, a touch of White Fire and and a touch of Afghan, it is a very complex and delicious aroma every fan of Afghan-varieties loves. This blend is also a fast one so it is recommended for indoors and outdoors and for greenhouses as well. The results are typically fat and high over the average, also novice growers will always get very nice and big plants.

Digital Genetics is a very good canadian breeder with the goal to create new varieties of medical cannabis with an exotic terpene-profile and unique looks. All strains offer a very good quality, they are all easy to grow so they are recommended for indoorgrower, outdoorgrower, experts and novices as well who are searching for finest quality possible. All strains in their collection are crossed with some of the best marijuana genetics available nowadays and you can be sure to get something great. The collection is handmade for ensuring the best selection and best seeds for the gardener. The development of Digital Genetics is performed from 100% organic crops – this breeder is a fast achieving company with a terrific reputation for highquality cannabisseeds.

  • Model: DIG05REG12
  •      Manufactured by: Digital Genetics

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