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GG #4

     Manufactured by: Dawg Star

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GG # 4 by Dawg Star comes from a special selection of the legendary Gorilla Glue # 4 by GG Strains, which is loved almost all over the world thanks to its unique qualities and the fact that it is an absolute game changer. Every gardener should grow GG # 4 at least once to know why this cannabis strain changed the world. It offers a very special and very strong smell, a combination of earthy aromas with sharp pine tones and a slight sweet and sour aftertaste - this combination is partly reminiscent of dark and delicious chocolate.

GG # 4 is perfect for indoor gardens, outdoors it is surprisingly resistant to mold, even a few rainy days (if there are not too many) and cold autumn days do not bother it much - it is also very well suited for the greenhouse: at good ventilation you get real monster plants of the best quality. GG # 4 belongs to the creme de la creme in cannabis - it's one of the best strains the world has ever seen!

Dawg Star is a very well known (especially in the United States) seed bank based in Washington - the seed bank has played a very important role in the legalization of marijuana for years! It is considered one of the best addresses for the production of high quality cannabis seeds. Dawg Star offers fantastic cannabis strains such as Critical Purple Kush or the legendary GG # 4 which has dominated cannabis cups for a long time. The range of Dawg Star is (and will remain) relatively small, the manufacturer impresses with quality and not with quantity like many other breeders - so you can be sure that you will only get high quality genetics with these seeds in your garden.

  • Model: DWG04
  •      Manufactured by: Dawg Star

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