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Gamma Berry

Manufactured by: Dark Horse Genetics

€ 80,50  € 72,45
incl. 13% VAT

(=€ 80,50  € 72,45)

This cannabisseeds provide the grower with the super strawberry smelling strain called Gamma Berry, a cross of Bruce Banner #5 and an amazing phenotype of a Strawberry Diesel. The smell of Gamma Berry is incredible fruity reminding on a field of strawberries. It is a very easy plant so also recommended for beginners, the results are great and high over the average and you can be sure to have something great when you grow these nice weedseeds. 10 seeds / pack

Dark Horse Genetics has a lot of experience in producing regular cannabisseeds, breeding for many years now this amazing enterprise offers superb genetics. All the seeds are 100% bio-marijuanaseeds and never feminized - Dark Horse is bio as much as possible so you will never find any femaleseed in their whole productlist and they will never use any systemic pesticides. It is one of the best breeders from the US and you can be sure you will get something real special when you buy products from this very good one. Especially the gem called Bruce Banner is something you can rely on, always - it is a superb and incredible strong Indica which is easy to grow and also all the other seeds are highly esteemed. It is a producer of hempstrains for the real cannabisseur with outstanding quality, if you search for somethings incredible great and special: take Dark Horse Genetics!

  • Model: DHG12
  • Manufactured by: Dark Horse Genetics

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