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Northern Cookies Auto female

     Manufactured by: Dane Strains

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Sale: € 19,44)

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Northern Cookies Auto is a mix of the classic Super Skunk, Northern Lights and the White Cookies Automatic from Dane Strains. This great automatic strain grows to about a metre tall and produces lovely pink plants. Northern Cookies Automatic is easy to grow and best suited for guerrilla growers, balconies, patios and of course indoogrowers. It is a very easy marijuana strain that needs little fertilizer to show its best, the smell is very delicious and reminds of a mixture of sweets and honey.

Cannapot is happy to offer another danish breeder after Zenseeds - Danestrains was created in the year 2010 by two old danish friends to create own autostrains for a low price. All their strains are realy not expensive, all of them are showing a very good quality especially the outdoorseeds but also the hempseeds for indoors are of highest qualities. Cannabisseeds by DaneStrains are highly recommended for colder climates in the north, they also can be grown in scandinavian countries up to a latitude of 55° without any problems. All weed seeds are high grade seeds but still not expensive, have a look at Caramellow, White Pineapple, Gumlock or BubbleGum and all the other seeds, they are realy recommended.

  • Model: DAN17
  •      Manufactured by: Dane Strains

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