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Cropical Fruit Auto fem

     Manufactured by: Cream of the Crop

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Cropical Fruit Automatic by the Cream of the Crop enterprise is a very stable multicross of Jack Herer, UK Skunk, Big Skunk Korean and Ruderalis that smells realy incredible like a mix of grapes, sweet grapefruit, papaya and mangos. These cannabisseeds can be grown very easy and the plants are very resistant against mold and many pests. Cropical Fruit is a recommended plant for outoors, greenhouses and for guerillagrower.

We are happy to offer theese nice cannabisseeds created by the breeder Cream of the Crop - theese seeds are highquality weedseeds which are easy to grow showing always amazing results. The goal for Cream of the Crop is finding the best and easiest cannabisseeds and they have a lot of success. Strains like Custard Cream (which smells absolutely fantastic like a mix of custard and intensive sweet vanilla!!!), Double Cream (one of the best White Widow inbreedlines on earth) or White Chronic showing explosive medical power and a bouquet you will never forget. All their cannabisseeds are feminized seeds for a nice price, recommended for the expert and the novice gardener as well. Cream of the Crop also have automatic strains in their product range for example Sour Turbo, Psychofruit Automatic or Narcotherapy Auto which are highly recommended for outdoor- and guerillagrower.
  • Model: COT15FEM
  •      Manufactured by: Cream of the Crop

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