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     Manufactured by: Conscious Genetics

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This cross of the Zapplez and the UK Cheese Cut is ideal for indoor and outdoor growing. It is a balanced mix of Indica and Sativa genetics that matures fully within a very short time. If the environment is not too wet, Zapplewoodz can also be grown outdoors and not just indoors. This genetics is therefore a real recommendation, especially for lovers of the legendary Cheese (a special Skunk phenotype that smells of cheese). Zapplewoodz is very compact, strong, very relaxing and simply top quality.

Conscious Genetics - fantastic seeds from the USA

Conscious Genetics started the breeding journey in 2016 with their flagship strain, Conscious Kush V1. This great cannabis strain consists of different genetics, it is a fusion of Sunset Sherbet, Orange Diesel, Guard Dawg and Blue Cookies. After this strain saw the light of day, Conscious tried to differentiate themselves from other breeders by always working on unique, deep purple coloured plants. 

After some research, they found a breeder called Annunaki Genetics, based in the USA, who focused on rare purple genetics. Together they embarked on the journey and are now ready to offer their great varieties. After Conscious Genetics had made a name for themselves among the many banks in the market, they started working on new genetic lines. The lines, which are derived from the beautifully coloured Pink Champagne and Sour Apple Runtz, are perfect for working out extractions of all kinds. We are very pleased to be able to offer Conscious Genetics in our seed shop.

  • Model: COG13
  •      Manufactured by: Conscious Genetics

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